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Welcome to the new CALS E-Learning Site.

  1. Click on ‘E-Courses‘ in the Main Menu
  2. Select your chosen course e.g. “CALS Pre-Course”
  3. Click the blue button “PURCHASE THIS COURSE”
  4. You will see a confirmation message that the course has been added to the Cart.
  5. Click the blue button “VIEW CART”
  6. (OPTIONAL) In the Coupon section, enter your Coupon and press  “APPLY COUPON”
  7. Check the total has the discount applied
  8. Press the blue button “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”
  9. Enter your details and double check your email address
  10. Proceed with your order
  11. Enter your payment details in PayPal and confirm
  12. View your Order Confirmation. An order confirmation email will be sent.
  13. You will also receive an activation email from our Support portal (
  14. From the Main Menu, select “My Courses”
  15. Select “CALS Pre-Course”
  16. Scroll down to “Lesson 1.1 – The STS/EACTS Protocol”
  17. Select the lesson and watch the video. When finished, press “View The Lesson Quiz”
  18. Answer the Multiple Choice Questions (For the Pre-Course Modules 8, 9 & 10 the quiz is optional).
  19. When you have selected the right answer, select “Complete Quiz”. You may reset the quiz.
  20. You can then press “Next Lesson” to advance.
  • You may log in at any time using your chosen email and password.
  • To update your address or customer details, click on “My Account” in the Main Menu.
  • If you need support at any time, please visit and open a ticket.

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